Closing Time

The Murano was nearly out of gas, so I decided to take the Grom to work today. I started it last night just to make sure it would, but of course this morning it was totally dead. Being so light, it was super easy to push-start though, and I made my way to work.

Today was a day for closing tickets. Twenty four, in total. I was unstoppable. Of course I didn’t get to do anything even a little bit challenging, but I did at least identify one teacher that seems to know his way around the technology. I really appreciated that conversation.

I worked through lunch again, and just sipped on a leftover Soylent instead. I felt pretty good, overall, and it was good to get some of those older tickets closed out. Now I’ll have the opposite problem though, and be left with nothing but a bunch of tickets I can’t give to Greg to finish for me.

After work, I came home just long enough to change before going to my parents’ house for dinner. They bought a bunch of peaches and gala apples on sale, so after dinner they went back to the store and bought some more to bring over for me. Summer had her hands full with the girls, so all I could really do was check in.

The night sure went by quickly for so little accomplished. I guess it made up for the morning of overachievement.

Does everyone parachute in the Army?

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