Turn It, Leave It, Stop, Format It.

It rained most of the day, which didn’t help me get out of bed. I seriously contemplated calling in for a half sick day, but I knew I had work orders I wanted to close out. It still ended up not being a very productive day, and I left more confused than when I got there.

Greg came by in the morning to deliver an iPad and chat for a bit. Then I met him, Josh, and Zach at Brangus for lunch. The afternoon seemed to drag on forever while I fought my new flash drives and their intermittent read-only status.

After work, I ran by Leonard’s to look for an o-ring for my paintball tank. They had the typical black ones in my size, but I couldn’t find any urethane ones that were recommended. I made a quick stop by the shop to deliver some stuff from the high school, then went on to my parents’ house for some leftovers.

The girls got home shortly after I did, and were shocked at the state of the living room. Eaddie was loud all night, looking for attention, while Autumn was in a noticeable funk. We spent some time talking about our feelings, and I hope it helped, but they all need to learn to let it out more often.

Trash it, change it, mail, upgrade it.

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