We slept for a really long time last night, and woke up feeling pretty good. The girls were up around the same time, so Summer took them home while I got started tearing my toilet apart. It could have been a simple three minute fix to replace the lever arm, but I was tired of the flapper valve getting stuck on the chain because it was oriented incorrectly, so I decided to strip out all of the hardware and completely rebuild it.

Summer met me at Lowe’s in the afternoon so we could walk around and browse for some deals too. They didn’t have anything great, but I got a little Frankenstein pot with a succulent in it for half off after Halloween. It was nice just to shop around for a bit together without dragging the kids around too.

Afterward, I went to my parents’ house because they made some bánh giò. I helped them move some plants around in preparation for the potential frost, and then I picked at some older leftovers for dinner.

On the way back home, I stopped by a house near the end of the street where someone recently moved out, and picked up a huge sheet of half-inch acrylic and a couple other little things. Then I got to work putting the toilet back together. Now I’m ready for the next project.

After spending all day fixing a toilet, I think I know my useless superpower. I can do things in super slow motion, while appearing to move at regular speed.

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