On the Subject of Furnishing

The whole district scheduled virtual learning days today and tomorrow, so it was super quiet all day. I kept myself slowly busy, but didn’t ever feel very accomplished. I took a late lunch and picked up another free Big Mac, then went by the shop to find a spare desktop I could use to replace one in the front office.

After work, I changed and went to get Autumn to an Explorers meeting. Then I mostly played some Rocket League on the Switch until Summer got home. Eaddie came out so we could watch an episode of Glee, and then I picked Autumn up after her meeting.

When we got back to the house, we stopped by the neighbor’s trash pile to scavenge a couple lamps. I half joked with Autumn, telling her that’s how we would furnish her college dorm room. That’s when she threw a tantrum about not going to college and hating school and not having to tell us what she likes or doesn’t like.

Summer had a talk with her once inside, and eventually they included me, but by that time I felt like my part had been mostly diminished. I think it’s going to take a firmer hand to produce better results from her than Summer is willing to give.

Eaddie came around and I showed her how to set up filters in Gmail, and then everyone wandered off to bed.

‘Cause you’re his cheeseburger; his yummy cheeseburger!

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