Spring is Coming

I slept super hard and super long last night, barely waking up before noon. By then it was a beautiful day outside, so we pretty quickly decided to take everyone to my house so they could ride bikes. Noah took Autumn, and Summer, Eaddie, and I went to Little Caesar’s for some pizzas. We quickly ate, and then the kids took off on the bikes for the day. Summer and I went outside to help Bác Vân in the yard, and then I started picking through things in the garage.

Dad came by for a little while and chatted, and eventually Summer left for the gym. When the kids got back, Noah took off right away and I took a shower. Then we headed back up to Summer’s for the evening. She brought home some chicken, and I cooked it with some Rotel in the Instant Pot so we could have tacos.

We wrapped up the day with a couple games of Uno, in which I destroyed all the competition. The girls all went to bed early, while I struggled to do the same after sleeping all day.

You’ve gotta be poopin’ me.

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