And Then, Crickets…

It seemed like a perfectly normal, average day. It was frosty in the morning, then warm in the afternoon. I spent most of the day picking at things at the shop. Things were relatively quiet, save for a brief fire at the junior high during testing. Nobody mentioned food, so I went home and finished the leftover pretzel pizza, then brought the R1 back to work.

Brody had some questions, so I spent some time with him at the junior high before ending back up at the shop. Melinda spent a good amount of the afternoon guessing with certainty that Greg had stolen the magazine to her dart gun. I planted a prank device, but it seemed to only go off shortly after she had left the room. I ended the day with some exciting, but sad news.

The girls walked to the house after school, so I picked them up after work and we got some Subway to take to Summer at the shop. We split a pair of footlongs before we dropped Autumn off for her last day of night school. Then Eaddie and I went home to watch a couple episodes of WandaVision. Summer got home just before the conclusion of episode seven, so we stopped as not to reveal any spoilers.

The girls left for home, and I reassembled my master closet the best I could. It needs to be rearranged, but at least I have a bed again. Tomorrow looks to be busy, so hopefully I sleep right through the night.

Bye, bye, bye!

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