Beat It

I stopped at Casey’s for a free birthday donut on the way to work, then blared sad music all morning in the dark. Melinda finally said something about the cricket in the office, so we’ll just have to see if she figures it out before she leaves us.

Summer wanted me to go to the doctor with her, so I took the afternoon off. I met her at Fast Glass to drop the Murano off to get the windshield replaced and the front door windows tinted, then we went to BFD for lunch. The asada was super dry and overcooked today, but we had the same server I had the other day and the service was great. Then she dropped me off at home so I could get some laundry done while she went home to clean up.

I must have lost track of time, because she came back to get me and I had to stop in the middle of my laundry to go to the clinic with her. When we got there, they reminded us that no visitors were allowed due to COVID. I should have known better. She went on in, and I waited in the car. At least I remembered my Pixel Buds.

Once she was done, we got gas, drugs, then picked up the girls so she could get them to their karate test. They dropped me off to get the Murano before the shop closed, and it took them a while to get me processed and out the door. I got to their meet in plenty of time to sit with Summer, Mom, and Dad to watch the class get worn down doing basic gym exercises.

Most of the test seemed random and designed solely to exhaust everyone, but they eventually got to some more exciting, non-vocabulary stuff. The best was saved for last though, when they ganged up for three-on-one fights, and then Eaddie’s five-on-one fight to earn her step up on her brown belt.

We all headed home, and I finished my laundry. Autumn evidently had a tantrum and will have to be dealt with later. After tonight, I think we’ve all learned that it is not only perfectly acceptable, but likely necessary to beat our children.

Because I’m bigger, stronger, and most importantly more stubborn than you.

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