Driven Mad

I must not have slept well last night, because I could barely crawl out of bed this morning. I begrudgingly made it to work and settled in though, and after a while it was fine. I picked at a few things here and there, successfully keeping busy, though possibly not looking so. I did at least feel helpful and accomplished.

Zach and I went to Wendy’s for lunch since the lobby was finally open again. It really shouldn’t have been, because that place was a joke. It took us forever to place our orders, the kid behind the counter seemed super flustered and kept having to run around doing things twice because he wasn’t doing things efficiently, like passing out cups, lids, and straws all separately. The food, though it appeared to be made fresh, was relatively cold when we sat down to eat it. It just wasn’t at all what we’ve come to expect from our favorite burger chain.

After lunch, I rode to the high school to try and help Mike with some stuff. He was super scattered as usual, but we eventually made some progress. I did have to run back to the shop for some parts we discussed before lunch, but at least we got started. I ended up working a bit late after only making enough cable to hook up four computers.

Dad came over after work to meet another guy to quote us on the bathroom remodels. I liked these guys the most out of the four we’ve had come out. They were young and respectful, and were clearly the guys that would be doing the actual work. They took note of what we wanted, and offered useful comments without any extra fluff or ambiguity.

Summer dropped Eaddie off with me so the two of us could go to CiCi’s after everyone left. Autumn went to the gym as a sort of punishment for last night, and Eaddie and I had a nice little date night. We ate and talked for quite a while before riding back home to finish up her last episode of WandaVision. We couldn’t resist watching one more, but now we just have the finale for this weekend.

When we got up to Summer’s, Autumn was working on a school project but wanted to talk about her feelings after realizing she needed some money and permission to go on a band trip. It was a super easy decision for me, but Summer was more empathetic. Maybe I’ve just had too many insincere apologies, but I’m not going to let her jerk us around like that. Everyone shuffled off to bed pretty quickly after that, and I followed suit.


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