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It’s been a rough back half of the week. Wednesday is a foggy, distant memory after having my first COVID shot that afternoon. I went to bed that night feeling like I had the start of something bad, and then woke up Thursday morning unable to go to work. My fever hit over 103, and the deep, intense muscle pain kept me from doing anything other than sleep. At least I could do that. When I had the real COVID, there were times I couldn’t sleep and was stuck staring at the wall. This time I could pretty much roll over and fall asleep any time.

Summer got her shot Friday afternoon and suffered a similar fate. If the second shot does the same thing to us, then I’m certain it wasn’t worth it. I felt like I had the worst of COVID for the better part of two days, and took until tonight to feel more or less back to normal. My arm still hurts quite a bit where I got the shot, and my spine hurts either from muscle pain or from having been in bed for so long.

I watched Justice League this afternoon to prepare myself for the Snyder Cut. Then a shower brought me back to life so I could pick up some Popeye’s and head to Summer’s. She told me she was feeling better, but I couldn’t tell. She didn’t eat, and ended up falling right back to sleep after a little bit. The girls spent the night with their friends, so I was left to try and go back to sleep or else face a late night of boredom.

That’s not the saying, that’s like the opposite of what the saying is.

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