Gotcha Gotcher

I swung by the high school this morning to make sure Mike was around for testing. Once I confirmed his car was there, I continued on to the office. It was pretty quiet without anyone in the front area with me, so I put on some music and tried to get busy. It wasn’t long before Mike wanted some help swapping some printers, so I went back across town for the rest of the day.

Lunchtime, again, arrived much quicker than I expected. I met Zach, Gary, Greg, and Brody at Slim Chickens and tried one of their sandwiches. It was pretty good, but it was a paltry serving of fries. Again, the thermostat inside the dining room was set to Arctic Tundra.

I went back to the high school afterward and finished up with Mike. I think he wants some more help tomorrow as well, so I may stop in first thing. At the end of the day, I loaded up a bunch of stuff to bring back to my new office. It was super windy outside, and half of my stuff nearly blew away. It took me a while, but I got everything moved.

I stopped by my parents’ house to drop off my old dryer vent for Dad on the way to get the girls from karate. Summer was already at home cooking chicken for salads. After I ate, I disassembled the dryer to find the pulley wheel had completely melted off. I ordered a new one while Summer helped Eaddie with homework, and then I went back home to finish cleaning up my laundry room.

As bedtime approached, news broke that our superintendent had been terminated. That makes two of three. The money guy’s still there, presumably because we’ve got to be paid. I hate to see that happen to anyone, and he always seemed perfectly kind to me, but poor choices had already been made. The die had been cast.

The school bell could not be unrung.

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