I’ve Been Framed

I went to high school first thing this morning and helped Mike finish up his printer swaps. Summer was feeling a little down, so I took her to Brown’s for a late lunch. While we were there, a lady next to us spotted my work shirt and asked why the school board fired our superintendent. Then she laughed at my “politically correct” answer. We continued talking for just a little bit, and she said I looked familiar. I don’t recall meeting them before, but they knew Dad and Julie from the plant.

After lunch, I stopped in to chat with Ben for a little bit about the weird day of disabling your boss’s accounts and building access. Then I went on to the junior high to spend some time with Brody. He didn’t really end up needing much from me, but I did have to fix some print issues in the library.

I got the girls from the high school and took them home so Eaddie could go ride her bike. Autumn did her homework and then came out into the garage with me while I poked around. Eventually I came back inside and started reframing posters to put up on the wall.

Just after Summer picked them up to go home, I realized that I couldn’t find the centerpiece poster of A Journey to the Center of the Earth. I could swear I actually framed that picture at some point in the past, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. I also discovered they had shipped me the wrong Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland poster. After three years, I’m not sure I’ll get any resolution, especially after they closed their shop of physical posters. They just posted on Twitter that they’re coming back as ETFs, of course, but they appear to be limiting the availability to only four different posters, with a price of 0.05 Ethereum, which is currently around $120 USD. I don’t intend to pay that much for digital artwork, so hopefully if they won’t send me the missing/correct posters, they’ll at least offer a digital copy I can print myself.

Always check the package.

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