We had an educational meeting this morning, and covered GoGuardian, our prospective replacement for Impero. We were never really satisfied with Impero, though we hardly broke the surface of what it could do. GoGuardian will allow us to give the parents some control over web filtering though, which is something people want in a time when we’re handing foreign technology to children and basically not educating adults enough to manage that responsibility on their own.

After the meeting, we had to unload a pallet of water bottles, which I still don’t drink because we have a filter on the faucet. Then I spent the whole day in my office working on a workaround to run a piece of software for a high school science course.

Mike ended up taking over half a day off when he left early for an eye appointment before lunch. The more I’m around that guy, the shadier the vibes I get. The rest of us went to Mulan’s for lunch together. Greg complained, presumably because they serve vegetables there, and picked up some Sonic on the way back to work.

The afternoon went by slower than the morning, and several of us took a break to dig around for the hidden bead curtain some more. I called Melinda to check in, and she wouldn’t spill the beads.

When we left, I stopped by to see Summer at the shop for a while, then came on home to start some laundry and clean up a bit. The girls all came over eventually, and three of us watched another episode of Falcon and the Winter Soldier. We’re way behind, but maybe tomorrow we’ll get a chance to catch up if it’s rainy all morning.

Pay no attention to the man behind the beaded curtain.

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