Crouching Cow, Hidden Cable

Autumn had a carwash fundraiser with the explorers group this morning, so Summer dropped her off while I got up and around. When she got back, she and Eaddie wanted to go to New China, so we went out for lunch before continuing on to shop for some jeans for Eaddie.

I dropped them off at Maurices while I ran home to get some unused parts to return to Harbor Freight and Lowe’s. Then I met them back at the store as they finished up. From there, we went to Lowe’s while Eaddie stayed in the car. I returned my stuff, and then Summer and I went back to look at the tile and stuff.

Autumn was finishing up around that time, so we went to pick her up at Dairy Queen. Then Eaddie went on a bike ride while Summer took Autumn home so she could go out with Harry, then went on to the gym. While everyone else was away, I took the time to clean up a bit more in the garage, and then climbed around in the attic a bunch to run a new sensor wire and controller for the garage door. It took me a while, but so far it seems way more responsive than the Momentum camera system I’ve had up.

Eaddie eventually came back home and I needed a break, so I came in and started watching The Winter Soldier. I didn’t intend to watch the whole movie, but Summer got back right as I started it, and became interested enough to finish it. When Autumn finally came home, Eaddie and I ran to Taco Bell for a super late dinner. Then we watched another episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Eaddie stayed up a little later watching Invincible, which took a bit to catch my attention. I don’t know how serious I’ll be about watching the whole series, but I let it take up a few minutes of my time before going off to bed.

He’s just going to extort you and do that stupid head-tilt thing.

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