Doge You Forget About Me

Zach called me this morning and asked me to run by Crawford to look at a lunch line. That was an easy fix, but evidently the middle school was hit much harder by the storms, so I was the only one in the office for most of the day. They lost quite a bit of equipment over there due to a lightning strike that made its way to the switch from an ethernet port. Gary was replacing switches, and Zach and Josh were working on doors, cameras, and intercoms. The morning went by super quickly while I did what work I could, and watched my Dogecoin make some pretty wild swings.

Gary came back with some food for teacher appreciation week, but then Zach and Josh showed up and the four of us went to CJ’s for lunch. I got sidetracked for most of the afternoon digging through contract info, and discovered some pretty nasty stuff. Then Kyle came down to the shop and asked for some help pulling an HDMI cable through the ceiling at Oakland.

When we finished, I ended up staying super late talking to Mike about cryptocurrencies and Doge. I told him not to be crazy like me. The bubble just keeps on growing, and the fear of missing out on getting rich quickly is driving everyone crazy.

I ran home to change, but had to go by Crawford to replace the CMOS battery in the lunch line computer. Then I took the girls home from karate and finished up some leftovers there while we waited for Summer to get home. We chatted and I hung out for a little bit, but then came home to sleep while Doge picked up some more steam.

Doge stop…believing!

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