Classified Woe Is Me Committee

It was a little rainy this morning, but it cleared up and got a little hot by the afternoon. All I could do was try and wrap up a couple projects in my office this morning before my performance review, upon which nothing is based. When lunch time came around, a group of us went to Zaxby’s since the dining room was open. Then I got kicked out of my office for the rest of the day while other reviews happened.

Kyle asked me to take care of something at Sequoyah while he had his turn with Ben, so I ran across town and updated iOS on an iPad while James, The Too Busy For eSchool, Yet Overpaid for a Teacher’s Aid, was running around unable to help. I got back to the shop just in time for our CPPC meeting, so I walked across the street and listened to an old man drone on about simplifying some policies, which I actually agreed with for the most part.

By the end of the meeting, we were all pretty tired of hearing him talk, but we had a mission to condense job titles or roles, and add job descriptions to every role that we have. I’ll be taking that and running with it to try and completely restructure our department, which very possibly might not work, but at least I’ll have tried.

When I finally left work, I had to run by Walgreens to drop off a FedEx package for Josh and pick up some medication that the nurse assured me would stop being filled by the pharmacy since I’ve been off the medication for months. Then I went home for a while before going to Summer’s for dinner.

I wasn’t hungry, but Summer grilled steaks and made some asparagus that sounded really good, and I hadn’t gotten to see any of them today anyway. We ate and chatted for a little bit, and then I headed home to miss the rain and thunderstorms.

Double or nothing.

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