It’s All About That Cold Hard Cash, Hon

We got up, and Summer was in a little bit of a funk. She accidentally locked her keys in her car at Travis’s last night, so we had to go see Autumn at the car wash fund raiser at Burger King to get her spare key fob. We thought we might get breakfast, but both their grill and their fryer were down. Instead, we went to Hardee’s for what would have been a superior breakfast anyway. Then she dropped me off at my house so I could clean up while she went to the gym.

Summer wanted to go to a movie, but we didn’t quite make our matinee. She also wanted to make dinner, so we decided not to go to a later show. When she picked me up, we went to pick up her car. I let her take mine home while I went to trade hers for Autumn’s, since we thought Eaddie would practice driving to go play tennis with Summer.

When I got back up to their house, Summer and I dug through her Mint account and added a few other accounts to that so we could get a better picture of her financial situation. She was happy to see that, after all of her retirement investments, she was actually in the black. While we were doing that, I noticed some hummingbirds dogfighting outside, so I was super excited that they found our feeder. I’ll have to put my other one up at my house, and I wished I had bought more of them when they were on sale.

After a while, Summer and I went to Walmart for dinner supplies. She let me run through clearance as well, and I picked up a couple packages of dive fins, since I think Dad’s may have worn out a bit. We got some chicken and a bunch of zucchini, peppers, and broccoli to stir-fry. I thought it would be really good with rice, but Summer really wanted mashed potatoes.

As soon as we got home, I started prepping vegetables while she started cooking the chicken. The food didn’t take very long to cook, and I had to smile when Eaddie came out to eat and said it looked like it would go really well with rice. We ate and cleaned up while Autumn laid around on the couch, sunburned from spending all day at the fundraiser carwash without any sunscreen. I won’t feel sorry for her when it’s time to mow the lawn in the morning, because she should know better by now, especially when they had sunscreen for them at the event.

Eaddie never made it out to play tennis. Summer ended up showering and put on Baywatch, which I had never seen. It didn’t seem to take itself very seriously. Eventually I made it to bed as well.

Yes, I’m back in black!

Ebb and Flow

I set an alarm this morning and got up to make a quick bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit from leftovers before heading home to clean up for the funeral. We got to a late start, but Mom and Dad eventually showed up and we headed to Cabot to see the family for my cousin-in-law Bob’s service. The pastor was late, but a few got up to share stories in the meantime. The whole ordeal didn’t take very long since there wasn’t a burial service.

When we got back home, they dropped me off to change, and then the girls tried to meet us at Pasta Grill for an early Mother’s Day dinner. They were booked up, so Dad called Cagle’s Mill and we went there instead. A few people came and went from the bar while we were there, but we were the only group that was really just there for dinner. The food didn’t seem nearly as good as I remembered, and the prime rib was super salty. Nearly everyone had ordered it, so after some taste testing, the manager knocked 20% off the entire bill for us.

After dinner, we came back to my house to settle in. It wasn’t long before Eaddie bailed to spend the night with Maristella. I dropped her off, and then came back home to watch Falcon and Winter Soldier with Summer. We finally finished the series, and I can definitely say I wasn’t expecting to tear up so much. I’m ready for more.

Saturday Night Live did nothing for Doge. In fact, after the episode aired, it took a huge dive and broke Robinhood again. It dipped low enough for my buy order to trigger, though for several minutes I thought Robinhood didn’t even handle that. It quickly bounced back up a bit, and was my first real successful buy in a dip that I’ve ever had. Now if I could just do that a few dozen more times, I could finally retire on a yacht.

THAT AIN’T HOW MONEY WORKS! Money is a golden rock that we dig out of the ground. Then we hope no one kills us before we trade it for pieces of green paper. IT’S A PERFECT SYSTEM!


I can’t stop missing out on gains. All day yesterday, Doge steadily dropped while I held on for dear life. Then I sold just seconds before it shot up. I tried playing the buy/sell game today, all for $75. It’s just not making me rich like I wanted.

Gary took Brody and me to Crawford to relocate a classroom setup because the kids in that room apparently just kick and bite, and there’s nothing anybody can do about it. It didn’t quite take us until lunch, but it was relatively close. We went to the shop for a little while, and then a group of us went to La Chiquita.

For some reason, there were a bunch of really big frogs thrown out in the parking lot. Someone must have hunted them and forgotten them in a cooler or something, and dumped them in the parking lot. It was either that, or a dark summoning portal.

After lunch, I stopped by Oakland for a signature and some hugs. Erica was there for lunch to visit, which was a nice surprise. I couldn’t stay too long though, and headed back to the shop for some more work.

I ended the day at the high school with Ethan, and we chatted briefly about robotics while I tried to troubleshoot his connection to a drone. Gary said Central Office went home at 3:30, so I left to trade vehicles before picking up Eaddie at Oakland. We ran into Michael, and I chatted to him a bit more about crypto before we went home.

Eaddie and I watched a couple episodes of House before Summer got home. They were hungry, and I still had to get Autumn from a band cookout at the marina, so I picked up some KFC on the way back up. From there, it was a quiet night in with various ailments.


Doge You Forget About Me

Zach called me this morning and asked me to run by Crawford to look at a lunch line. That was an easy fix, but evidently the middle school was hit much harder by the storms, so I was the only one in the office for most of the day. They lost quite a bit of equipment over there due to a lightning strike that made its way to the switch from an ethernet port. Gary was replacing switches, and Zach and Josh were working on doors, cameras, and intercoms. The morning went by super quickly while I did what work I could, and watched my Dogecoin make some pretty wild swings.

Gary came back with some food for teacher appreciation week, but then Zach and Josh showed up and the four of us went to CJ’s for lunch. I got sidetracked for most of the afternoon digging through contract info, and discovered some pretty nasty stuff. Then Kyle came down to the shop and asked for some help pulling an HDMI cable through the ceiling at Oakland.

When we finished, I ended up staying super late talking to Mike about cryptocurrencies and Doge. I told him not to be crazy like me. The bubble just keeps on growing, and the fear of missing out on getting rich quickly is driving everyone crazy.

I ran home to change, but had to go by Crawford to replace the CMOS battery in the lunch line computer. Then I took the girls home from karate and finished up some leftovers there while we waited for Summer to get home. We chatted and I hung out for a little bit, but then came home to sleep while Doge picked up some more steam.

Doge stop…believing!

It’s Curtains for You!

I went in to the office for a little while today, then got a call from Brody to help with something at the junior high. We only sort of fixed that for Matt, then piddled around with some print issues in the library until lunch.

We decided to try Whatta Burger after having possibly not been at all since I started working there. They had changed the decorations again, replacing the generic pictures of hamburgers with some squidly kites. The menu boards and POS systems were all new and lacking any character at all. The burger was fine, but the fries were pretty lame. For a $10 lunch deal, it hardly felt like a deal at all.

After lunch, I spent a good amount of time hunting for my bead curtain. Ben hid it somewhere, and I couldn’t tell whether he played some camera trickery on me. There definitely didn’t seem to be any place for it to hide in that storage room where he originally hid it. I was able to recover my pirate flag, but no curtain.

I was supposed to go by Mark’s after work but forgot in the process of getting the girls ready for karate. Fortunately he called to say he had to leave work, so we’d have to schedule another time anyway. I dropped the girls off, then went to the Neighborhood Market for some extras to dress up one of the school pizzas that Brody brought back for us.

Once I got to Summer’s, I started cooking some bacon and putting the dryer back together. The part went in super easily, and I managed to get all the screws back in the right place. I did put the drum in backwards, but it was symmetrical anyway. The pizza turned out pretty great, and was completely unrecognizable with everything I added.

The girls trickled off to showers and bed, and I headed home for the evening hoping not to lose any more Doge. It definitely hit a low where I was losing, but popped right back up within minutes. It just made me wish I was better prepared to begin with, but now that the money is in the account, trades can happen without any fear of missing out.

Rollercoaster…. of Doooooge.

The Doge Days are Over

I slept most of my way through Thursday with a pretty steady 103ºF fever, body aches, and fortunately a lesser chill than I had during true COVID and my first Moderna shot. It still hurt to move, or to sit wrong, or to adjust, or to lye in one place for too long. I still couldn’t get up and do anything, or watch TV, or really bother staying awake. By Thursday night I was hungry enough to eat some real food, so Dad brought me some leftover chicken and scalloped potatoes.

I woke up Friday having finally broken my fever and chills, but after trying to continue with my morning routine it was clear that I wouldn’t be much use at work, so I took another sick day. Summer came over after taking Autumn to school and laid with me for a while. It was Melinda’s last day, and I didn’t want to miss sending her off, so I made it out of the house to meet everyone at Morelos for lunch. Ben pulled a quick one on us and paid for everyone. Then I headed up to Summer’s for a while since she was still feeling pretty rough.

It wasn’t long before I had to get Autumn from school. She got her phone back from Summer’s office after a paltry week without it. When we got home, their father was there to pick up Eaddie for the weekend. Autumn had previously volunteered for an event this weekend, but backed out so she could go as well.

Summer and I eventually made it back to my house for the evening, and she watched TV while I shuffled around in the laundry room. I was still working out some aches, but felt good enough to push myself a little more, so I got the dryer vent duct cut and temporarily placed. All we have left to do are a few finishing touches to seal everything into place, and then I’m ready to do laundry again!

Dogecoin has been on a tear, jumping from when I purchased it at around 4.6 cents to just over 49 cents. It felt really surreal to watch it keep climbing over the two days I was stuck in bed sick. Unfortunately I was too optimistic to cash out at its peak, but I still came out plenty ahead. It’s hard not to make snap emotional actions when you can make or lose hundreds of dollars in just a few seconds, but at this point I have enough of a buffer that I can afford to ride it out a little longer.

Wouldn’t mind another run at a dollar, though.

Oh, Bully

I stopped by the high school first thing this morning because they were testing offsite kids in the arena and saferoom. Aside from not updating their backup devices to a version that would run their testing software, everything went pretty smoothly and I made my way to the shop.

Zach and I started looking at Dogecoin and noticed it had taken off for the day. He bought in with his initial $5 he used to fund his RobinHood account, and I joked that he would end up losing when it crashed again. To my surprise, it just kept going up all day. His limit sell triggered at 9 cents, so I panicked and sold all of mine for just under $1,300 from my initial $500 investment.

Gary, Zach, and I met Brody at Stoby’s for lunch where I had a big burger and a huge plate of fries that nearly made me comatose for the rest of the afternoon. That and a parade of people in and out of my office made it a little tough to stay focused on the Mac I was trying to learn to manage.

After work, I picked Eaddie up as she was walking to the middle school from her flute lesson. Then we stopped by Dairy Queen for some milkshakes before going to my house to change and then to the shop to pick up Autumn. I dropped them both off at karate, and continued to my parents’ house for dinner.

Around the time I got home, Dogecoin had spiked again to over 13 cents, which I could have cashed out at around $2,000. I should have held, but I was afraid of a larger drop after it had gone up all day. I called Summer for a bit, and then Zach beeped in to get a better understanding of investing in ten words or less. Then while we were on the phone, every light in the house turned red and freaked me out a bit. I figured it was a misheard command, but I wasn’t able to get a recording of it, so there’s no way to tell.

I cleaned up a bit more and finally headed to bed. Tomorrow is my second Moderna COVID shot, so I kind of assume it will kill me anyway.

Drop everything!