Ebb and Flow

I set an alarm this morning and got up to make a quick bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit from leftovers before heading home to clean up for the funeral. We got to a late start, but Mom and Dad eventually showed up and we headed to Cabot to see the family for my cousin-in-law Bob’s service. The pastor was late, but a few got up to share stories in the meantime. The whole ordeal didn’t take very long since there wasn’t a burial service.

When we got back home, they dropped me off to change, and then the girls tried to meet us at Pasta Grill for an early Mother’s Day dinner. They were booked up, so Dad called Cagle’s Mill and we went there instead. A few people came and went from the bar while we were there, but we were the only group that was really just there for dinner. The food didn’t seem nearly as good as I remembered, and the prime rib was super salty. Nearly everyone had ordered it, so after some taste testing, the manager knocked 20% off the entire bill for us.

After dinner, we came back to my house to settle in. It wasn’t long before Eaddie bailed to spend the night with Maristella. I dropped her off, and then came back home to watch Falcon and Winter Soldier with Summer. We finally finished the series, and I can definitely say I wasn’t expecting to tear up so much. I’m ready for more.

Saturday Night Live did nothing for Doge. In fact, after the episode aired, it took a huge dive and broke Robinhood again. It dipped low enough for my buy order to trigger, though for several minutes I thought Robinhood didn’t even handle that. It quickly bounced back up a bit, and was my first real successful buy in a dip that I’ve ever had. Now if I could just do that a few dozen more times, I could finally retire on a yacht.

THAT AIN’T HOW MONEY WORKS! Money is a golden rock that we dig out of the ground. Then we hope no one kills us before we trade it for pieces of green paper. IT’S A PERFECT SYSTEM!

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