Oh, Bully

I stopped by the high school first thing this morning because they were testing offsite kids in the arena and saferoom. Aside from not updating their backup devices to a version that would run their testing software, everything went pretty smoothly and I made my way to the shop.

Zach and I started looking at Dogecoin and noticed it had taken off for the day. He bought in with his initial $5 he used to fund his RobinHood account, and I joked that he would end up losing when it crashed again. To my surprise, it just kept going up all day. His limit sell triggered at 9 cents, so I panicked and sold all of mine for just under $1,300 from my initial $500 investment.

Gary, Zach, and I met Brody at Stoby’s for lunch where I had a big burger and a huge plate of fries that nearly made me comatose for the rest of the afternoon. That and a parade of people in and out of my office made it a little tough to stay focused on the Mac I was trying to learn to manage.

After work, I picked Eaddie up as she was walking to the middle school from her flute lesson. Then we stopped by Dairy Queen for some milkshakes before going to my house to change and then to the shop to pick up Autumn. I dropped them both off at karate, and continued to my parents’ house for dinner.

Around the time I got home, Dogecoin had spiked again to over 13 cents, which I could have cashed out at around $2,000. I should have held, but I was afraid of a larger drop after it had gone up all day. I called Summer for a bit, and then Zach beeped in to get a better understanding of investing in ten words or less. Then while we were on the phone, every light in the house turned red and freaked me out a bit. I figured it was a misheard command, but I wasn’t able to get a recording of it, so there’s no way to tell.

I cleaned up a bit more and finally headed to bed. Tomorrow is my second Moderna COVID shot, so I kind of assume it will kill me anyway.

Drop everything!

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