Tired of the Hunnits

We loaded up the truck this morning and went to the high school to hang a second TV for the art area. With all of us there, we somehow still forgot to get a mount, so I drove back to get one. Then we went to Sequoyah and Oakland to remove a touch panel and SMART board for the painters.

When we got back, Zach was showing Thomas around our new area. The two of them met up with Gary for an early lunch, and Josh took Greg and me to Bocadillos.

The afternoon was mostly spent moving pallets of laptops to the junior high. It was so hot and humid that my heart rate just wouldn’t drop below the mid 90s. Finally we got to leave work a little bit early, but I ended up sticking around with Zach after everyone else left.

When we did leave, I stopped by to find Summer in the pit at her job. I went on home and changed, then met Dad to go shopping in the graveyard before the recyclers come. By the time we finished, I just wanted to swim to cool off. He came out too and showed me his new stand-up paddle board, and then we went in to eat.

Summer and Eaddie were already at the house when I got home, so we watched the new episode of Loki with Summer before she went to bed. Then Eaddie and I watched the first episode of season four of House before going to bed ourselves.


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