Panic! At the Buffet

We had a really small crew today, even with Ben there. Greg and Kyle went around backfilling elementaries with Chromebooks from the middle school while I stayed at the shop. We were interrupted in the late morning by a power outage affecting a long strip down Arkansas Avenue.

Zach ran around swapping batteries and trying to keep the main server room cool. It’s incredible how quickly the temperature could rise in there, and surprising how ineffective our backup cooling solution was. They estimated the power would be out until about 1:30, but it actually came back on while we were all preparing to go to a slightly delayed lunch.

Summer met us at Western Sizzlin, but we had to sit at a different table when we couldn’t all fit around one. Somewhere mid-chicken strip, I had another slight panic attack, but as usual I couldn’t determine a cause or any other effects. I did end up with a pretty bad headache at the front of my head, but I wasn’t sure if my cloudiness after lunch was caused by that or the nap I wanted to take after eating so much.

Shortly after we got back from lunch, I had to go to The UPS Store to scan the 20 devices she had from our original quote request. I was just happy we didn’t really lose as many more as we thought. Central office set hours until 3:30, and then noon on Fridays, so everyone left pretty early. I stayed and solved another wooden block puzzle until Ben was ready to leave. Then I went home to cool down and relax.

Summer went to a band meeting with Autumn, so I got Eaddie from karate. We stopped for a couple half price Sonic Blasts, then headed up to Summer’s place. She and Autumn weren’t long behind us. Summer went to bed pretty early, so Eaddie and I cuddled up late watching House until she decided to go to sleep so she could wake up to mow the lawn in the morning.

Fire the unlucky ones. Nobody needs that kind of energy looming over the workplace.

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