Gotta Get Away

It was another quiet day at work today. Zach was back and sent me to help Brody finish imaging the junior high student devices. Then most of us went to an abnormally slow lunch at Morelos, after which I went to the high school to help Mike image his student devices.

After work, I met Summer at Ridout to look at some more tile. We went back and forth for quite a while until we finally found some that we liked, and I’m excited to get things moving. We still need to shop for a vanity and some fixtures, but at least this much is done.

I took the tile to my parents’ house to show them, then waited for Summer to get there so we could have some leftover dinner. After visiting for a little while, we headed back to my house for the evening.

Summer chatted with Beth for a bit, and I ended up doing some flight shopping for Eaddie’s trip back up to Wisconsin. Some airlines charge fees for unaccompanied minors, but I discovered that Southwest would take her without any real restrictions. For only $138, I found myself wondering why we’re only sending one.

Airports are some of the safest places you can hang out in for multiple hours at a time. Everyone there has already made it through security, and at any moment you could scream and at least a dozen good samaritans would come running.

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