Just Don’t Do It Wrong

I made it in a couple minutes early today after Gary said he would be late. He really wasn’t very late at all, but he wasn’t early the way he normally is. We didn’t have a meeting, and everyone paired off on their own to help each other. I spent the early morning climbing around my desk getting things rewired and plugged in so I could finally get to work.

Gary’s old office feels slightly smaller than my old one next to Ben, so there’s a bit of wasted space in front of the TV that I can’t really use, and everything else just feels a bit cramped. I made it work though, and was able to rearrange a few things to suit the new layout.

I couldn’t get the PowerShell script to verify characters in the middle of the hostname string the way I wanted, but I did at least get imaging to work, so long as people don’t screw up. I thought everyone else had already left around lunch time, but Tammy and Thomas were both still there and heard me rocking out.

When I finally left work, I ran by the carwash to get the bugs cleaned off from our trip back from Little Rock. Then I stopped by Walgreens for my prescriptions before swinging by to see Summer. She was busy, so I just went home for a bit instead. I picked at a couple things, and planted a new mango seed before making my way up to her house for the evening.

Autumn must have been asleep in front of the TV when I got there, because she didn’t say a single word to me and went to her room after unlocking the door for me. I cooked some leftover hamburger meat from earlier in the week, and when Summer got home we had double-decker tacos again. They were really spectacular, but I felt like my gut was going to bust after just two.

We settled in for the evening, and I put on The Time Traveler’s Wife. It has just enough of a sci-fi element to keep me interested, and I figured Summer could use a love story.

Enrique Iglesias is at it again…

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