I got up this morning and warmed up some leftovers for breakfast. Summer was watching TV, and Autumn was supposed to be mowing the lawn after putting it off for two weeks since Eaddie’s been gone, plus who knows how much time since it was last mowed. I can’t even really remember what happened first, but I’m pretty sure she did at least go out to get started without too much protest. She had hardly gotten anywhere with it before things quickly escalated though.

At some point, Autumn came back in and just pitched an absolute fit about mowing. We weren’t having any of it, because we had no sympathy for a procrastinator and her woes. Eventually Autumn started back talking enough that I dropped my bowl of food and got in her face. She pulled her best “come at me bro,” and I didn’t waste any time.

After hearing about her blow up at Summer so many times, and even being present for a few, I thought slapping her across her face would feel better. I absolutely lost my shit and got screaming mad in her face. She still didn’t go back outside immediately, but she eventually made it out and the mower started up again.

I should have suspected something when I heard the mower stop, but eventually Summer walked by and said we should get dressed because the cops were on the way. Evidently Autumn phoned an officer from her Explorers program, who either felt compelled or was possibly even required to report the incident. I was already super torn up by the incident, but this just served to add embarrassment to the things I was feeling.

Two deputies from the county sheriff’s office pulled up as Autumn stood out in the sun waiting for them. They laughed when Summer recalled how Autumn argued she wasn’t responsible for keeping the lawn mowed because her name wasn’t on the lease. The visit was short and they recommended, I suspect out of protocol, that we look into filing a FINS petition. Looking into it just briefly, I’m not sure that’s the best path for us. I think we’d be better prepared to tighten our own leash, rather than possibly give up control to any part of the system.

When we all came back inside, Autumn refused to give up her phone and we had to physically wrestle it out of her hands while avoiding all manner of biting, pinching, and scratching. Being the stubborn parent that I am, we of course won the battle and she went back outside to continue mowing after a brief cooldown period.

While she was out continuing to mow, Summer called Nick and tried to explain the situation to him. I chose to open up, possibly in vain, and was basically scolded for laying hands on “one of his girls.” I let him speak his mind and awaited his arrival, of course after finishing up at work and running his necessary errands.

When Autumn finished up in the backyard, she came back in just as normal as could be. She warmed up some food and sat down at the table with us to eat. Everything was just fine, as though nothing had ever happened. She went back out to finish mowing after her break, and eventually Nick showed up and took the lawn mower away from her for a few passes as she came in for some water. We suggested she should go back out and finish herself since it was her responsibility, and she complied.

Once the lawn was done, everyone came in and we sat down for a surprisingly calm chat. I really suspected to have to go on the defence at least to some degree, but his tone seemed to change immediately after I told him that she had put off mowing for two weeks. Autumn expressed at least some regret, and I let Nick say anything he wanted to say. He ended up not taking her home with him because not having her own car to go to work the next day was too much of an inconvenience for him.

Summer went to the gym while Autumn and I had some leftovers for dinner. Then we came back to my house for the evening. Autumn went straight to bed after expressing some desire to watch a movie. When Summer finally made it, we curled up on the couch and watched most of a standup special on Netflix. Then it was off to bed.

I just wanted to make more eggs…

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