Donut Go Gentle Into That Good Night

I woke up early this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep, so I went to Shipley’s to pick up some donuts for Summer after she mentioned them last night. She was roused when I left, and got up to eat once I returned. Then she took Autumn to work and went to the gym while I stayed behind and showered and cleaned up a bit.

Summer came back over after a little while and shopped for eyeglasses while I continued poking around the house. When Autumn was done with work, Summer took her to the gym for a bit. I eventually got out to Walmart to return one of the hairdryers I bought because it felt like a fat guy breathing on the back of my neck. It seriously had no heat or air movement at all. It was worse than the one you get in the Motel 6.

I wandered around looking at clearance a bit and eventually made it up to Summer’s for dinner. We just finished up some leftover salad before coming back to my house for the evening. Autumn went to the bedroom and worked on a puzzle while Summer sat on the couch with me watching YouTube. Then it was off to bed.


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