Eight Hour Email

I hit up the other McDonald’s for breakfast this morning and got the bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit this time. The biscuit was much better than I remembered them being, but the overwhelming taste of butter was probably what did it. The iced coffee is always good, but was made extra strong with the coffee cubes I added as I drank it down. It also kept me fueled for the rest of the day, since I didn’t take a lunch again.

The biggest thing I focused on all day was the CPPC, and the email along with all the formatting and organization I wanted to create to make it feel much more official than it has in the past, at least since my own involvement. I had some good examples online of what it should look like, so hopefully people are pleased.

Zach came into my office and chatted with me for a while, and we ended up leaving work pretty late because of it. I went straight to my parents’ house and ate fish soup with Mom, and then headed home to work on the carpets some more. I finally got some partially transparent water out of the carpet, so the end can’t be far. Some of the carpet still felt very slightly less-than-soft, and that may just be the extra soap more than anything else. I think I’ve been going way too heavy, at least at first, causing the first few rounds to foam out a bunch. Some straight water should help finish most of it off, but I’m going in strips now, and just sticking with the same spot until I get clear water.

Comic Sans, but only ironically.

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