I woke up nearly an hour and a half before my alarm this morning and was wide awake from that point on. I wasn’t uncomfortable, but no matter what I did, I couldn’t fall back asleep. I thought this would give me plenty of time to get my free McDonald’s breakfast again, but I was wrong. Somehow I was still five minutes late. I made up for it by working through lunch though.

It was a really quiet day at the office, for the most part. I picked at a few things, and finally got my CPPC meeting minutes draft finished and sent off for approval from the rest of the committee. I may have been a little too extra, but I was proud of my jokes, dammit.

I ended the day running to Oakland to change a projector bulb. Then I went to my parents’ house for some more fish soup. Mom wanted to add more elephant ear and dill to the pot, which ended up pulverizing all of the fish that was in the pot. It ended up being not enough fish for all the extras.

Eventually I made it home so I could continue with the Great Carpet Scrub of 2021. I finally got enough transparent water from the first half of the area I’ve been cleaning to feel good about calling it done. Hopefully I can get the last half of it tomorrow, and then let it dry up before moving furniture at the end of the weekend.

That’s the joke.

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