Speaking of Unboxing

It was another quiet day at work today. I didn’t hear much from anyone, and just kept busy in my office. I actually closed quite a few work orders, which was nice. It’s starting to look like I’m not doing much, but I made an effort to create work orders for all the little things I did today.

Gary fetched me for lunch, and I met the guys at La Chiquita after I finished my chat with Dell to get a depot kit. Then I stopped by to see Summer briefly before going to Oakland. Things were pretty quiet there too though, and eventually I made it back to the shop to finish the day.

I ended up being the last one out of the office, but I wasn’t really that late. I went by to see Summer again, and then went home to spend some time cleaning up. I finally unboxed the last two speaker towers I had in the corner, and got them ready to place. Then I picked up and stored some stuff that’s just been sitting out for ages. Progress feels pretty good, but I know another wall is approaching fast.

You know, from this angle, it kind of does look like I have a problem!

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