Bake ‘n Shows

We slept in a bit after a long day yesterday. Summer got up and baked some cookies, and I eventually made my way home after Summer and Autumn went to the gym. Eaddie stayed behind watching Frozen, since Autumn had put it on while doing chores.

I fiddled around with a few things at home since it wasn’t too cold inside. I cleaned a whole bunch of algae and gross plant matter out of my old shrimp tank, though it’s devoid of any shrimp now after I suffocated them all.

Summer baked bread and Brussels sprouts, and grilled some barbecue chicken for dinner, so I came back up for that. Then Eaddie and I ended the night with a couple episodes of House.

No! He’s like a stray. He’ll eat everything, shed all over the place, and crap on the floor.

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