Odd Man Down

Today was a weird day. I started off jumping right into a bug that Jacob discovered with Google Groups, which landed me in a chat and subsequent call with support that lasted through lunch. I ended up just eating leftover donuts and cake that was left in the fridge, which probably wasn’t much healthier than the Wendy’s that everyone else had.

Nearly the entire day, I was the only one around downstairs, so I kept having to answer the phone and help anyone that stopped by or called. I hardly got to anything of my own until I just left and went to Oakland. By then it was already quitting time, but I had to get something accomplished for myself.

Eaddie was sitting outside at Oakland and wanted me to take her, so we went to the high school together for one last thing, and then to my house so I could change. I had to drop off my mail survey at the post office and get gas, and finally we were off to Summer’s for the evening.

Summer warmed up some leftovers, and Eaddie and I ate. Then when Summer went to bed, Eaddie and I watched some more House. It won’t be much longer until we finish up the series and can be on to something new.

What to watch… Holidays are coming!

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