Blue Screen of Annoyance

I took the R1 to work today and it was actually pretty nice out. Thomas was hosting some more training in the morning, so he just locked me in for a couple hours while I worked on my own stuff. Several of us went to La Huerta for lunch, and as we were finishing up, Grant spotted us and came over to say hello.

The afternoon went by pretty quickly as well. I spent the last part of the day at Oakland, aside from having to rush back to the shop for an impromptu replacement laptop, and then went home until Mom had dinner ready. Summer wanted to go with me for bánh xèo, so I picked her up from work and we went to eat.

I called Bryan on the way back to talk about work stuff, and then we just kept talking about phone and other work stuff as I followed Summer home. Everyone went to bed pretty quickly, but Eaddie and I watched an episode of House to finish the night.

A princess tiara would be perfect.

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