When the Boss is Away

It was a bit more relaxed today with Thomas out to close on his house. I spent the morning cleaning up various work orders while Zach and Gary tried to go through all the old and stale work orders that everyone had. Summer decided really early that she wanted Mulan’s for lunch, but they were closed due to some staffing issues. Zach and I met her at New China instead, and the food was great.

I spent the end of the day at Oakland again, and then took Eaddie with me to the high school so she could ride the Grom some more. She had a much worse time today, and killed the engine so much that I really thought the battery was going to give out. Fortunately it didn’t, and she made a few fussy laps around the parking lot.

Autumn came out to meet us when she finished with wrestling, and then I sent them to dinner and clean up while I did laundry at home. Summer was spending the night in Little Rock, so they decided to stay the night with me, but Autumn didn’t want to do anything but go into the bedroom by herself. Eaddie and I stayed up watching House, but I gave her some diphenhydramine for her allergies that knocked her out before we finished the second episode.

Notate and move on.

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