Step 2: Do Step 1

I was a little late to work this morning, but it has been especially quiet this week anyway. I’ve rather enjoyed it. Gary gave me something else to do so our new domain controller would sync passwords with Google. Then I actually got a couple new work orders for the first time in a while. I did what I could and kept busy the rest of the morning.

Brody, Josh, and I met Greg at CiCi’s for lunch against my better judgement. I didn’t stuff myself silly, but I’m not sure that wasn’t just because my stomach is permanently too large now. I blame Brody for always wanting CiCi’s.

After lunch, Greg went to Oakland with me to check out an intercom speaker. It wasn’t malfunctioning at the time, so he just rewired something and we left. I ended the day back at Oakland to hide some wires to keep the underdeveloped from yanking them out and hanging themselves. Eaddie was there waiting for me to take her home, so we went on to my house where she started some homework while I dropped off a UPS package and picked up some dinner for her.

I spent a little time on the treadmill to make up for my last cinnamon roll, and when Eaddie finished eating and doing some homework, we watched a couple episodes of Hawkeye. I think it’s getting better, but I really just want to consume the story as quickly as possible. By the time we finished the second episode, she was ready to go home.

Autumn was at a church thing, presumably trying to pray the non-binary away. Summer had a late meeting in Conway, so we didn’t see her either until very late. I played some Last Horizon, which has been a fun twist on the old lunar lander game. Then it was off to bed.

Step 3: Do Step 2

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