To the Window

I ran a little behind in the rain this morning, but there wasn’t much going on. I helped with a few things, and then just tinkered while I assumed it continued to rain. At one point I went out to get a desktop I saved from the recycling, and came back in with some intense pain in my stomach. It actually made me nauseous for a bit, but I guess it was only a gas bubble in a weird place that eventually just went away.

Five of us loaded into my car to go to Zaxby’s for lunch, and I had a bogo deal for some boneless wings that gave me some to take home for dinner later. While we were sitting there, I noticed they had torn down the old building across the street where the new Splash car wash will go. They didn’t waste any time at all getting that project going, though no one was actually outside doing anything at that moment.

The afternoon was pretty quiet as usual. I ran by Oakland for a bit, then came back to the shop and got my tools to help Kyle run a single line across the hall at Dwight for a new wireless access point in a tiny meeting room. Greg was bored, so he drove us over there and we found an existing, unused line to use. It took a moment to tone it out, but it was already terminated and just hanging there on the switch side. We ended up leaving the last little bit for Kyle to do, since there were some people meeting in the room at the time.

After work, I went straight home and started to clean up the bedroom. The girls came by to change for karate, but didn’t stay long. I spent all night excavating and moving junk into the dining room just so I’d have enough room to move my other desk into the bedroom. We should be able to do that part tomorrow.

Prime time!

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