…and Then He Threw My Typewriter

We had a long, quiet meeting this morning while kids were out and staff were only present for “professional development.” I was told that our interim superintendent showed up to one, asked if that was the best they could come up with, declared that it was boring, and promptly left. The longer he’s around, the more I like him.

Zach and I ran some reports and crunched some numbers to get a count of how many Chromebooks we needed to order for next year, and then ended up going out into the graveyard to scan and inventory what was out there. Thomas came out about halfway through it and tried to help make some room to stack them on the shelves by throwing an old typewriter at the ground. It had been a running joke that I was saving it, so of course theatrics ensued and we all had a good belly laugh.

Zach suggested Brick Oven for lunch after he and Gary had a successful night there last night. The service seemed particularly slow, but the food was good. Zach and I split two large pizzas for the leftovers. About an hour and a half later, we made it back to work and Thomas made grumblings about going home early.

Gary needed me to set up some dual monitor stands at Central Office, so I borrowed Zach again to help assemble them before we drove across the street. It took two trips, but we got everyone set up, though it was pretty quiet in the office by that late in the afternoon. No work was done after we finished and made it back to the office. I sat in front of Tammy and chattered loudly with the surrounding offices for the rest of the day.

Eventually Thomas sent everyone home about half an hour early. I headed home and continued my quest to move my old computer desk to the master bedroom. Summer and Eaddie showed up as I was about halfway through the process, and watched TV while I continued to work. Eaddie had a date night at the church, so Summer dropped her off while I tinkered with The Martian playing in the background.

Eaddie texted me when her movie was over, and I picked her up. We stopped by my office briefly so I could get a different computer, and made our way home. Summer never saw her come in and started hollering about it, which Eaddie took as a sign that she should mess with her mother. She had a good laugh, and they both went off to bed while I continued to tinker. Half giving up, I finally went to bed myself.

…which is a very odd sentence to say in this day and age.

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