Not Rushin’

It was another pretty relaxed day at the shop all day. The Trifecta were holed up in the office for most of the morning. I worked on some CPPC stuff and tinkered a bit. At one point, Kevin brought someone down for a badge and made it back to see my office. Greg and I went across the street to try and move some computers, but ended up not getting to talk to anyone for instructions.

Five of us went to Taco John’s, and I had the fish tacos. They were pretty good, but the crispy tacos were stale, and I left hungry. Shane brought some cupcakes by, courtesy of Howard, so that helped at the end of the day.

I went home for a little bit after work, until Summer picked me up for Eaddie’s concert. They had three bands, so the concert started half an hour earlier. She thought it started a whole hour earlier though, so we ended up waiting in the lobby for a while before the doors opened.

I had some trouble peeling the camera protector off of the back of my phone, so I didn’t get the pictures or video that I wanted at the concert. I finally got it all off once I got home, but then I spent way too much time tinkering on the computer, and didn’t get ready for bed until late. At least I had my RGB working better than before.

Gotta travel casually while all of this is going on.

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