My left foot and leg felt a little swollen yesterday evening and even last night whenever I’d stir from sleep. It never really got any better all day, so I was moderately concerned. I assume it’s from toying with my blood pressure medication, so I’ll need to schedule an appointment and decide whether I want a new primary care physician soon.

I made it out of the house early so I could pick Gary up for work. Then Justin came down to let me bounce some ideas off of him before our CPPC meeting. That was entertaining, as I did a bunch more talking again. Even Karen had more on her agenda than anyone realized. I had to compromise on the changes I wanted to make, but was ultimately satisfied enough with where we left it. For the life of me, though, I could not understand why so many people wanted to defend the notion that they should just do whatever their supervisor says, when they clearly had the option to maintain some level of control over their situations. People are dumb.

Brody and I were the only two to go to lunch, so I thought we might try CiCi’s, but he was really craving Venezia’s. The service was a little slow and the bread was super flat for some reason, but everything else was good. I didn’t even get into an argument with anyone about why my flavor preferences were incorrect.

I spent the remainder of the afternoon bouncing between different projects and trying to organize my thoughts for the meeting minutes. I had to drop Gary off back at home, and I thought I was going to have to get Eaddie since Autumn had her first evening working at Denny’s. Summer was home with a bum eye though, and decided to pick her up for me. They ended up stopping by though, since I brought them a couple leftover cupcakes.

The remainder of the evening was laundry, laundry, laundry, a mile on the treadmill, and not enough time tinkering to actually make any sense of my new RGB software. Maybe someday.

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