How Do They Work?

I went straight to Oakland this morning to complete my battery inventory. There are more closets over there than I can ever remember. I was there for a solid couple hours working on that and some other stuff. Eventually I made it to my office and basically waited around until lunch time. Zach and Gary agreed on Stoby’s, and Thomas got back to the shop just as we were ready to leave.

After lunch, I picked up some MagSafe stuff I ordered and then spent a little more time at Oakland. When I got back to the shop, most everyone had gone. Greg had basically checked out for the day and was just killing time until we could leave. It took a lot of motivation to keep busy at all.

I decided to return my official MagSafe charger since it seemed to be defective and would only charge at a really slow rate. After work, I also had to ship off an Amazon return before going to my parents’ for dinner. Mom was up and around in her boot, and warmed up some fish soup.

Mom actually ate with us and we chatted for a bit. I ordered tickets for The Batman, and eventually headed toward home. I stopped at Sonic for some ice cream and then video called Summer for a bit. For some reason I worked up a pretty bad headache, so we wrapped things up and I tried to get to bed as early as I could.

Magnets. They’re basically magic.

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