As the Driven Snow

Everyone did a deep clean of the shop this morning in preparation for the new superintendent to take a tour of the place. By the time we were all done, it looked pretty stark and eerily unused. I know it was too messy before, but now it just feels less useful. I ended up with a bunch of stuff in my office, plus a huge box of shirts that ought to fit me. I ought to be able to get it all clean in one load though.

It was super quiet the rest of the day, as we waited in anticipation to see if they would close school early for the incoming cold weather. Gary discovered that TestNav was incompatible with every version of Windows we have deployed in the entire district, and quickly got to work building an update to deploy.

Brody convinced everyone to go to The Gunslingin’ Burger for lunch, and the service was predictably slow. I enjoy that they rotate new creations frequently enough that I can never eat the same thing twice. The Celtic Traveler was way sweeter than I expected with its apple chutney, but overall I would eat it again. The star of my meal was probably the chili cheese fries though. I really enjoyed them today.

They shut school down after lunch, but staff had to stick around “until all the kids were home safe.” Thomas ended up letting most of us go a little earlier than admin, which was great by me. The snow stuck to the car and I had to clean it off before I could drive home, but the roads were otherwise perfectly fine.

While I waited for Summer to get home from Cabot, I tinkered with the Artemis RGB software for my computer. I finally figured out the layers and functions well enough to mostly replicate what I had set up in Aurora. I eventually made my way across town and waited for Autumn to get home from work. Eaddie had me iron some Perler beads together for her, but otherwise it was a quiet, uneventful evening.

I feel like a gift card scammer.

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