Improper Sendoff

I took the Grom to work today, as fast as I could. We met for a short meeting, and then almost all of us went to Oakland to remove the computer lab. At first it was Brody and me, but soon we were joined by Kyle and Zach. We loaded the computers and peripherals into the truck, and then pulled most of the network lines out of the ceiling. Jacob eventually showed up for the last part, and he and I finished up as the others unloaded the truck.

That pretty well got us to lunch, and I was excited to hear Kyle suggest Ridgewood Brothers. Jacob joined us again, as he’s started to have lunch with us occasionally. It was a relatively short line, though still slow. I chatted with Grant a little, and then Robert gave me some extra ribs with my order. We came back to the shop to eat, and that was pretty much it for the day. Central Office let everyone go at 2:30, so we just hung out in the shop the rest of the afternoon.

When I got home, Summer said the girls were leaving with their father, so I eventually made it up to their house to see them off. I thought I might retain Autumn, but in the end, Nick didn’t even come to the house. He just pulled up and honked for them, and they left.

Summer and I finished up the leftover ribs from lunch, and then she watched TV as I burned the rest of an absolutely beautiful day doing nothing. I finished up some Bird Dog in frustration, and then it was off to bed early, but not before Summer.

We’re burning daylight. I’d rather be sailing.

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