Slow Burn

Summer got up for the Superhero 5k this morning while I laid around with the cat. Eventually I got up and fried some eggs to go with the last of the leftover Indian rice. Just as I started to walk out, Summer arrived home, so I came back in to let her pack up, and then we went to my house.

We didn’t waste any time diving right into the back yard. I wanted to cut down the overgrowth and start burning the large piles of brush in the back corner where I’m wanting to build a workshop. It looked dry on top, but everything underneath was completely wet, so it took forever to get anything really started. Then it was a slow process of pulling more and more brush out to burn down slowly.

The heat and smoke didn’t take long to sap me, but I held out as long as I could before coming back inside to clean up. Summer and I both took showers, and then she had been craving Chinese, so we went to New China for a super early dinner.

After we ate, we went by my parents’ house to visit for just a little bit. They were out back cleaning up around the pool. Then we came back home to rest since Summer still had a headache. I put on The Adam Project, which I thought was great. Then we watched Ricky Gervais: SuperNature before Summer was ready to crash.

60% Water

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