Middle Expectation

We were down a couple people this morning, so Thomas ended up coming to the middle school along with everyone that was there, and we pulled out three computer labs worth of cable, and two labs worth of computers that hadn’t already been taken. It was an easier job in the ceiling without insulation, but the tiles themselves were made of insulation and got me feeling itchy for the rest of the day.

Brody and I went to Cunningham to get paid for the scrap, and then we all took a late lunch at Wendy’s, where Zach’s kids were evidently already eating with their grandfather. We didn’t stay long, and made it back to the shop where we split up to work on different things. I was left to myself for the afternoon, so my biggest accomplishment was imaging a computer for Amy, and then walking it over to her at central office at the end of the day.

When I left work, I went by Superfast to see Summer because she had to close up there since the usual keyholders weren’t there. I went on home for a little while, and then picked up some Popeye’s on the way up to her house once she was home. We were eating when I got a call from Eric, inviting me to his land tomorrow to release Autumn’s neglected turtle.

It was a quiet night from then on, as Summer wound down in front of the TV. I laid down with her on the couch for a while until we made it to bed for the night.

Cramping my style…

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