Lipstick, Plastic, and Paint

I slept in a little later than I wanted this morning, but I needed the rest for what the day would bring. I ate some leftover carrots, cabbage, and potatoes from the corned beef we made weeks ago, along with a fried chicken breast from last night. Then we started going through Autumn’s room to clean everything out. We loaded the Murano as full as we could get it, and took it to storage.

Eric said they would be on their land later in the day if we wanted to bring Apollo by to release him into the pond. I grabbed the old turtle just as we were heading out the door, but we ended up having to hold onto him until the evening anyway, because they didn’t get out to the land as early as he originally anticipated.

Summer rented a storage unit, and we started loading it up with Autumn’s things. We got the smallest one they had, and then just stacked boxes as high as we could. It was actually a surprisingly small amount of stuff we had to move, but it would ultimately take us two trips. Summer went to the gym while I cleaned up at home, and then we went out for some CiCi’s for dinner.

After we ate, we went back to my house to grab the turtle bucket, and headed to Pottsville to find their land. I thought they were already living out there, but apparently they were only just starting the build. It was a beautiful plot, but a bit close to the interstate for me. The pond looked like it was going to be a great home for little Apollo to live out his days, stocked with all kinds of fish. Carley’s dad was out there fishing, and constantly reeled little bass in the entire time we were standing out there talking.

From there, we headed on back to Summer’s to finish packing Autumn’s room. She did a great job of cleaning everything out, and we ended up with an empty closet and room, aside for the bed and some band and JROTC stuff. Just as we loaded the last trip into the car, Summer got a text from Eaddie that they were coming home tonight. We rushed to put everything into storage, and made it home just in time to greet the girls as they got home.

Autumn hopped out of the car and bypassed us both to walk straight up to the house, but I had locked the door on our way out. Eaddie wasn’t very talkative either, and had apparently spent the entire trip quietly to herself in the trunk of the car. Nick said he knew things were going to blow up as soon as we got inside because we knew they had snuck a laptop along the trip, so he was quick to leave after pointing out that Eaddie had a hand in sneaking the laptop out as well.

Things inside probably went about as well as they could have. Autumn got it into her head that she was just going to leave and not talk to us at all. We cornered her in her empty room for a bit, and she mouthed us for a while, but then she ran out the back door and took off down the road. Summer called 911 and had the cops chase her down at the top of the bridge over the interstate, which was a lot farther than I thought she would make it. We had to fetch her, but they couldn’t keep her overnight or anything since running away isn’t a crime. Fortunately one of the half-dozen or so officers that showed up was one that came to the house the day that I had slapped her. As soon as Autumn said something about us beating her, he made a comment about how she had slapped herself to get out of mowing, and then got kicked out of the Explorer’s program. I wasn’t going to correct him on the side of the highway, but it was clear that nobody was going to believe her, and they convinced her to take the ride home.

Once we got into the house and let her chill out, she actually came out to the dining room and talked to us a bit. Things were basically back to normal, and she was smiling and laughing at things again. She eventually pulled her shirt off to show her gnarly sunburn, and Summer took care of that the best she could. We called Eaddie back out of her room, and I swatted her for bullying Autumn too, but it was clear to everyone that they were both guilty. We tucked Autumn into bed, and Eaddie took a late shower before following suit. For some reason, it still took me forever to get to bed myself.

I never wanted to be the villain, but all the hero suits itch.

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