It’s a Tarp!

Autumn was up early this morning and scrambled herself an egg, so I fried a couple up for myself to eat with a leftover Popeye’s biscuit. I ate it with some old smoked cheese as well, which was dry and dissatisfying. Summer was in a cleaning mood and went through the whole house. When the cleaned off the windowsill in the kitchen, I took the opportunity to repot the kalanchoe that hasn’t been doing so well there. Hopefully the cuttings take off and I can get them to branch out again.

Dad texted and said they were about to start cleaning the pool cover, so we rushed the girls to get up and out to help. I took Eaddie first, and then Summer and Autumn followed after a couple minutes. The girls did a great job of scrubbing the pool cover, and then I stayed behind to help put it away. Summer dropped Eaddie off at my house to ride her bike, and then took Autumn to the gym.

By the time I got home, Eaddie was still hanging out in her room. She went out for just a couple minutes and then came back, but then went out again just before I got into the shower. Summer planned to have a nice dinner for us when we got home, so Eaddie and I headed on up as soon as she got back.

Summer made a Mexican chicken casserole that everyone really liked, and then Autumn cleaned up the dishes afterward. Summer finished up some laundry while Eaddie painted by numbers and letters in front of the TV. I lounged around until everyone was finally ready for bed.

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