The Boot

Today was super quiet in the office. Zach sent a group to run some cable at the junior high, but they were stripped out in front of the cafeteria. I was left to figure out the duplicate boot image issue in SCCM, which I was already sort of onto anyway. I just put on some music and knocked it out super fast. Then I went to Oakland to take care of an old ticket there.

I didn’t even realize it was lunch time, and I missed the text from Brody that they were at Brick Oven. He ordered a pizza for me, and I met them there. Then it was a super chill afternoon with some more tinkering with the boot image to try and trim it down and make it faster.

I actually ended up staying a bit late before heading home to Eaddie, who was dropped off earlier in the day so she could go ride her bike. We ate some leftover pizza and watched the first two episodes of Stranger Things, which were way more horror than the previous seasons.

We headed up to their house once Summer and Autumn were home from Conway, and it was a pretty quick evening to bed for everyone. Evidently Eaddie and Zane had a mutual breakup, and she seemed completely unphased by it. I tried talking with Autumn on her way to bed, and then I wrapped up my own chores before going to sleep.

Time to start cramming for my wellness test.

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