It was too hot to go to work without air conditioning today, so I drove in. Most of the guys were sent to do inventory at another building, so I stuck around to image more computers for the new high school lab. It wasn’t too long before the eSCO guys showed up to haul off some garbage, so Thomas, Zach, and I went outside to help load them up. I got super hot and had to pace myself, so by the end of it I was dripping wet with sweat.

The crew showed back up around lunch time, and five of us went to Slim Chickens. I tried their buffalo chicken sandwich, which was good, if not small. Then I did everyone’s receipt surveys to get them all a bunch of free brownies. I got lucky spinning the wheel, and got a strawberry cheesecake jar dessert.

Somehow we convinced Thomas to call it an early day, so shortly after we got back from lunch, we started drawing numbers. After about half of the crew was gone, it was down to Greg, Jacob, and me. Our numbers were all really close together, and mine was in the middle, which meant both of them had way better odds of going home. Thomas kept asking if we wanted to change our numbers, but I refused. When it came time to draw, the random number generator rolled my exact number, so I beat the other two out.

I headed home and wanted to swim, but Eaddie didn’t want to get out of the house. I fought sleep for a little while, and eventually made it up to Summer’s after picking up some Wendy’s for Eaddie. I made a leftover burger while I was up there, and then Eaddie and I came back to my house for a late night of Stranger Things.

We watched two episodes before she started fussing about being hungry again, so we left the house to find something quick to eat. Everything was closed at 10, so we ended up at the McDonald’s drive-through with a bunch of teenage hooligans. It took way too long, but we got a burger for Eaddie and headed back home to try and finish the season.

We got a little over halfway through the last episode before Eaddie and I were both ready to fall asleep, so I tucked her in and we both crashed after a long day.

Too Frosty.

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