No, It’s Not Fixed

Today was another really quiet day, and I was continually surprised how fast the week flew by. I spent all day in the quiet of my office again, and finally got some correspondence from Jamf. We bounced emails back and forth a couple times, and though he asked for my availability for the day, he never actually reached out. It was frustrating that after a full day, I sent two additional log files and was back in the same spot where we started.

Gary took Josh and me to Bocadillos for lunch, and the salsa tasted sour. We were the only table there, and only two other tables showed up the entire time we were there. The food tasted okay, but the al pastor was dry. I got a mangonada on the way out, which was awesome though.

The afternoon was quiet as well, and everyone filtered off on their own. I went home for just a bit, and then took Eaddie to tennis practice for an hour. When we got back to their house, Summer brought some Little Caesar’s home for dinner.

I tried to be helpful around the house by replacing light bulbs while everyone else either watched TV or continued to paint. I have a feeling I won’t sleep very well, but at least tomorrow is Friday.

Shut up, Walgreens.

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