Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

I had a pretty wicked stomach ache last night that woke me up for about an hour. While I was up, the smoke detector in the girls’ hallway started going off every 30 seconds to a minute, so I scrambled around looking for a 9-volt battery for a while before giving up and burying my head under a couple of pillows. I just barely managed to get any more sleep before I had to get up for work.

We were still a bit short today, so it was still pretty quiet. I had a couple donuts and a homemade bagel that Tammy brought. Then Gary asked me to go to the Transportation office with him to install some software, but that hardly took any time and was mostly unnecessary for two people to be present. I only got one response from our Jamf rep today, so I didn’t make any progress with that either.

I ran to Oakland a couple of times. Before lunch, I finally figured out that it was the USB barcode scanner causing the computer not to boot quickly. It was only when I plugged it into the monitor first though, so plugging it directly into the computer fixed the issue.

Six of us went to Slim Chickens for lunch, and I loaded up on receipt barcodes for points. I even got a free brownie, which I thought was decent. For the price, it was great! When we got back to the shop, I killed some time in the shop before going back to Oakland to tinker with the cafeteria manager’s computer. It had a similar issue, which seemed to be caused by a USB drive plugged into the computer.

I made it back to the shop for a few minutes, and then went home to change before heading up to Summer’s. She started grilling some barbecue chicken and corn, and mashed some potatoes for dinner. The girls all sat down to eat, and Autumn was just scowling the entire evening. Summer tried to pressure everyone into playing a game, but I just quietly loathed the though. Luckily everyone split off to their rooms, and I just played Into the Breach on my phone. It plays well on the touch screen, but I think I prefer a controller or the Switch.

Too much noise.

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