Summer started some breakfast this morning, but I wasn’t hungry right out of bed and made my own egg sandwich later. She got called into work and took Autumn along with her, which was alright on account of the nonstop scowling I’d been getting since last night. I just had to get Eaddie to a friend’s house for a party in the afternoon.

I went home and started some laundry and took a shower. My sticky traps finally got some spiders, and they weren’t small. Horrifyingly, the busiest traps were in the bedrooms. The ones in the kitchen where I actually see the spiders didn’t really have any action.

I got Eaddie delivered and then headed back home to some more laundry while I set up an iPad for Bác Vân. My parents wanted to take her and Julie out for a birthday dinner, but Julie didn’t seem too pressed about it, and Bác Vân backed out because she didn’t want to eat late. However, Julie came back hungry as the afternoon progressed, so I met them at Pasta Grill as soon as they opened.

Summer called just after we ordered food and needed a ride, since she let Autumn drive to her father’s to help clean up the house for some visitors. I thought she would be working much later, and was frustrated that we had communicated times poorly. She got a ride to the gym while we ate, and then I picked her up after we finished.

We headed back up to her house for the evening, and eventually Eaddie called for me to pick her up. She scolded me for coming out of the car and into the house, but then beamed about how much fun she had for the rest of the night. Summer asked me to bring her some food, so we stopped by Taco Bell before heading home.

Eaddie talked about her day while Summer was already in bed. I beat a game of Into the Breach on my phone, and then it was off to bed for me as well.

What a joke.

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