The Extendables

It was a quiet day in the shop today, which allowed me to slowly pick away at a few different things. I didn’t feel super smurfy first thing in the morning, but I made it through lunch. I spent some time at Oakland in the afternoon, and had to borrow an extension ladder to climb up the side of the building and check a speaker. I finished the day upstairs to babysit a computer image that didn’t seem to get its necessary chipset drivers to allow the input devices to function.

It was nice outside after work, so I spent quite a while outside cleaning out the garage. I broke down some boxes and rearranged a few things, and then loaded up some stuff to take to the graveyard. I had seen Amanda drive by Oakland earlier in the day, and she reminded me to pick up my mini crock pot. I stopped by her house on the way to the shop and got it, and also gave her a computer monitor. Then I took the rest of my junk to the graveyard.

Summer and Eaddie were home when I got there, but Autumn was out at church with some friends. Eaddie was in a bit of a mood, and Summer was busy finishing up some laundry. I ate my leftovers from dinner yesterday, and then remembered to call Bác Vân back to help with her iCloud account. I think I’ve forgotten her password, but I should be able to reset it.

Autumn eventually made it home, and all the girls went to bed fairly early. I’d had an emotional couple of days, so I wasn’t far behind.

Needs more amp.

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