We had interviews outside of my office today, so we were all told to stay away from the shop. I stopped in to get my laptop, and then walked across the street to talk to Kayla for a bit. I really just wanted to check on the size of her monitors to see if I had anything bigger to offer, but the ones I found were the same size as what she had. While I was there, I learned that Joseph actually earned his associates degree in IT, and he was interested in our open position, but didn’t apply after being discouraged from previous conversations.

From there, I headed to Oakland for the day. I got a quick breakfast on a whim, and then hung out in Steven’s office all morning. He was there for a little while, but then had to run and fend off some spitting kid. I went back to the shop only to learn that nobody was around for lunch, so I went to McDonald’s by myself.

They had remodeled the lobby since I was last there, and the front counter seemed very unfriendly. They built a wall around the kitchen area so you couldn’t really see into the back, and there was only one human register to order from a digital menu with tiny print. They were clearly trying to limit the interaction time with humans, and pushing app or digital ordering from the self-service menus. You could even have your food delivered to your numbered table.

I ordered their Cactus Plant Flea Market Meal Box for a crappy collectible, and found that it wasn’t really worth the premium price. Mellissa spotted me while there with her granddaughter, and came over to share some custodial gossip. On my way out, an employee mopped by my table and I nearly died carrying my open sweet tea back to my seat.

Back at Oakland, I spent the afternoon in the office and kept as busy as I could until school let out. I had to get Eaddie when she finished with band, and then took her home to get her bike. Afterward, I was at the house when a kid rang the doorbell to ask about my Fiero. He seemed a bit more put-together than Zach, so we talked a bit about the history of the car.

After he left, I went by the shop to plug in my laptop and get some ice. Then I went to my parents’ house and waited for Eaddie to get there so we could eat the curry Mom was making. We didn’t stick around too long after that since it was getting a bit late and Eaddie had to study. We just left her bike there and headed on up to their house.

Summer picked up some rolls from Golden Corral for me, since my points would have expired otherwise. Autumn came out of her room once, but I never actually saw her. Everyone went to their own rooms to complete chores and nightly routines, and eventually I was off to bed myself.

Beat it, four-eyes.

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